Biology Services

The Wuxi Biortus Biology department has established the following functional groups: Reagent production, Structural biology and In vitro biology. Along with our Chemistry Department and other strategic partners, we could provide high quality services for various drug discovery programs, including early drug target identification, high throughput compound screening, SBDD / FBDD, antibody development and etc.

We are proud to present this elite team dedicated in reagent production. With 35 scientists led by highly experienced leaders, we have provided services to a lot of global pharmaceuticals, biotechnology companies and research organizations in various types of projects. We endeavor to meet every of clients’ requests.

  • Customized protein production
    • Folding & refolding
    • Specific labeling
      • Se-Met derivative
      • 15N labeling
      • 13C, 15N labeling
      • Biotinylation
      • PEG modification


Our capability & capacity

Expression system

E. coli, BV / insect cell, mammalian cell

Maximum capacity

  • E.coli:  up to 200 L / week
  • YBV / insect cell: up to 50 L / week
  • Mammalian cells: up to 50 L / week

QC system

  • Routine analyses: SDS-PAGE, A280nm, Bradford assay, SEC-HPLC
  • Endotoxin level, RP-HPLC, MS, DLS, and N-terminal residue analysis upon request
  • Analytical services upon request


  • 3 GE AKTA Avant
  • Various columns (Protein A/G/L, Affinity column, IMAC, IEC, HIC, SEC)
  • 3 X 40 L fermenters