Chemistry Services

The Wuxi Biortus Chemistry Department has established the following functional groups: medicinal chemistry, custom synthesis and process development. The team is well-equipped with modern instruments and the team leaders have extensive experiences in the field of pharmaceutical R & D and synthetic organic chemistry. With over 50% of the bench scientists having a master degree, our mission is to drive client projects forward in a timely and cost effective manner.


Together with our Biology department, the Wuxi Biortus Medicinal chemistry R&D team aims to help our clients select preclinical candidates. Our medicinal chemistry services cover various targets and disease areas and we can provide added value service for all stages of medicinal chemistry activities including hit generation and target validation, hit-to-lead optimization, lead optimization and preclinical candidate selection.

  • Medicinal Chemistry services are usually FTE (Full Time Equivalent) based
  • Continuously expanding and fully operational to handle 30+ FTEs
  • Efficient and timely communication guaranteed